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Injury Law Basics

Injury Law Basics

If you are wondering about what the Injury Law Basics are then you should know that this is a type of civil wrong in which an individual is harmed due to the lack of reasonable care from another party. The truth is that this law overlaps a bit with the litigation law. The law practically recognizes a civil wrong as a legal reason to sue the offender in order to recover for losses which are caused by a type of harm (psychological harm is included).

It’s something known as recovery for damages and on top of the actual present losses, it may involve future loses as well. To offer examples of losses someone might sue somebody else for they are attorney fees, legal costs, loss of companionship or consortium, emotional distress, loss of earnings capacity, suffering and pain, property damages, medical expenses and so on. Contact Califonia Injury Lawyers to get more information.


Liability is a vital factor with personal injury law. Liability involves showing that the individual responsible for causing the harm acted such that the damage was caused because he failed to use reasonable care. On top of that it must also be proven that his actions were foreseeable in regards to their consequences and that someone might get hurt in the process.

For instance, if the individual who was hurt is aware of the fact that the activity he delved into was dangerous, the other party can assert assumption of the risk. This means that he will claim the injured party is fully responsible for his injury. There are also other defenses which are known as intervening causes and pre-existing condition.

The truth is that personal injury law is actually quite complex and complicated and there’s always room for much debate. In order to decrease these types of lawsuits there are always many people who are actively seeking tort reform, but also the contingency fees. This type of fee will be paid only if the lawyer will win the case for his client and the damages are recovered. Rather than an hourly rate, this fee is based on a percentage of the recovery.

Different views

Tort law or personal injury law makes people think of lawsuits. Yet it seems that there are plenty of these cases that will never get to court. In the majority of cases people will look for out of court ways through which they will be able to solve their issues. However, there are times when settlement just cannot be reached and that is when both parties will have to proceed to a state court.


There are many jurisdictions featuring small claims courts and they will only hear cases in which the recovery amount sought is small and will fall under a certain limit. There are also some cases in which a federal court may hear such cases, but these are very rare. Eventually it’s either state or federal courts that will preside over class action suits.

Even though personal injury law is complex this will give you an idea of how it actually works. Hopefully this information has helped you understand this law better!